Traditional And Contemporary Elements Combine On Communiti Craft Beer’s Label Design

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/19/2019 | 1 Minute Read

Belgian craft brewer Communiti wanted to showcase their use of modern science with storied Beligian techniques going back hundreds of years to make a 100% naturally made beer that is preservative-free. Agency ROCKING.STUDIO achieves this through the use of traditional typography with a touch of gold, using modern colors for a playful, contemporary look while honoring the past.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

“Communiti craft beer has only one true agenda – to brew beer in the most natural way possible. This Belgian beer is 100% naturally brewed and absolutely free of any preservatives. Communiti achieves this by brewing the beer using centuries-old authentic Belgian traditions with state-of-art technology and the finest ingredients from across Europe.


This combination of science and tradition posed an interesting design challenge - one that we broached with a simple solution: balance. Balance between traditional (but not too uptight) and young (but not too frivolous). This balance was achieved by creating a central unit that followed the lines of traditional beer label designs - with traditional typography and hints of gold - and paired it with fresh colours that added a youthful look to the packaging.”

Editorial photograph

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