Celebrate The Season With A Stocking Full Of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/18/2019 | 2 Minute Read

While food snobs will scoff at its very existence, ranch dressing is the most popular salad dressing in the US, with 40% of consumers listing it as their favorite. The tangy, mildly herb-seasoned sauce is gentle enough to be broadly inoffensive while still imparting some perceived enhancement to the foods forced to endure its creamy burden. 

The creators of Hidden Valley Ranch have launched a holiday collection based on their signature sauce, including a stocking filled with a treat only true ranch fans will appreciate.

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Hidden Valley’s holiday offerings are the sort of things one would expect, throw pillows, blankets, greeting cards, mugs, and “ugly sweaters.” The merchandise is mostly Christmas-themed, using elements such as tree ornaments, snowflakes, as well as bottles of ranch and foods that compliment the dressing. 

There is only a single Chanukah item, a blue and white “ugly sweater,” featuring a Menorah topped with containers of ranch instead of candles. Hidden Valley’s green and blue brand colors work well with the holiday themes across the range and are both playful and festive.

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But Hidden Valley’s holiday collection wouldn't be complete without an item or two for the ranch superfans because, of course, they exist. In past years, offerings included a ranch fountain and a mini-keg filled with the stuff, enabling consumption of the dressing with reckless abandon and gluttonous glee.

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This year’s collection is capped off with a stocking filled with 52oz of ranch dressing, as well as a flask for those that need a nip of coat-warmed Hidden Valley juice handy. The plastic stocking comes with a hanging hook and spout, making it easy for anyone to video themselves drinking the sauce straight out of the drip like a savage. The flask is white and features a bottle of dressing that carries the warning “this may contain ranch” on the neck, and manages to bring to light how sad a ranch addiction is.

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Hidden Valley’s collection is available now, with the stocking currently on pre-order.

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