Muralist Alexis Diaz’s Enchanted Designs Adorn Medalla Light’s New Cans

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/15/2019 | 2 Minute Read

Puerto Rico’s most popular beer is Medalla Light, and up until last year, it was not available stateside, much to the chagrin of homesick Boricuas living and working abroad. Celebrating their 40th anniversary, the beer company has partnered with one of the island’s most renowned muralists, Alexis Diaz, to design a commemorative beer can series that celebrates Puerto Rico’s natural and cultural beauty through imagery evocative of the sensory experiences unique to this Caribbean isle.

Muralist Alexis Diaz channeled the passion for his homeland and its unique people, their character, and the landscape, and included a dash of classical Greek mythology, in Medalla Light’s new can design. One of Diaz’s fantastical Puerto Rican creatures is a half Jibaro, a Puerto Rican farmer, and a half rooster, whose early call summons the hard-working Jibaro to the fields. Another is a half-woman, half-octopus who dances to the siren call of Son, an Afro-Caribbean musical tradition that is demonstrative of the region’s diversity.

Editorial photograph

Flora and fauna unique and symbolic to Puerto Rico, such as Flor de Maga, a type of hibiscus, or the Coqui, a frog indigenous to the island with a loud call that lulls the inhabitants to sleep, are used to exceptional effect on the Diaz-designed cans.

“The designs were inspired by the island, its people, and the emblematic images that represent us," Alexis Diaz said in a press release announcing the new designs. "All these as seen from my perspective, with the touch of mythology and fantasy, that goes into my pieces.” 

The 40th-anniversary designs are available now while supplies last.

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