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Stella Artois Paints It Black With New Midnight Lager

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/12/2019 | 1 Minute Read

Belgian beer maker Stella Artois, known for their distinct chalice and passive-aggressive suggested pouring and presentation, has, for the first time, released a new beer for the winter holidays appropriately dubbed Midnight Lager.

The dark brew is said to have subtle notes of Belgian chocolate and freshly brewed espresso, with a hint of smokiness. They made the light-to-medium bodied lager with roasted dark malts, which gives the beer its signature color. The result is a dark beer that has the body and weight of a lager with the color and flavor elements typical of a stout.

Editorial photograph

The black lager’s label keeps the current Stella Artois visuals, recreated in gold, that, when put up against the beer’s natural dark hue, creates an elegant and festive look to the bottle, no doubt the perfect limited-edition release for the holidays (which closely resembles the look and feel of the seasonal Trader Joe's Vintage Ale that get released this time of the year).

Midnight Lager is available now while supplies last.