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Some Of Our New Favorite Coffee Products (You Can Actually Own)

by Shawn Binder on 10/04/2019 | 5 Minute Read

Ah, coffee. 

It’s almost every person’s favorite way to feel like an individual without actually having to do anything. Some like it hot, others (particularly gay men) relish in their ability to drink icy cold-brew even during the dead of winter. Whichever way you look at it, coffee is on the brain for a lot of folks. 

Coffee has even had a few waves, phases that denote significant milestones in celebrating the drinks massive popularity and diehard culture. Currently, we’re in the third wave of coffee connoisseurship. The first wave was indicative of when vacuum sealing made it possible for people to bring coffee into their homes. With the rise of Folgers and Maxwell House, people could enjoy a fresh pot from the comfort of their kitchen. 

The second wave of coffee centered on the rise of coffee shops, where people could go and pick up their favorite brews on their way to work, even that silly flavored garbage. The proliferation of these shops was just the beginning of the caffeine craze we’re currently living in. 

Finally, the third wave of coffee arrived, permitting us to be the snowflakes we know we are, showcasing different origins, methods of preparation, and tasting notes. Coffee became revered like wine or beer — knowledge about its body and taste were beginning to expand. As a result, more specialized coffee drinks began to sprout up. 

At the Dieline, we take coffee seriously; it’s one of our most active tabs. Sometimes you want the luxury of a fancy coffee roaster in the comfort of your own home, without the lines or smooth jazz music. Below find some of the most gorgeously designed coffee products you’ll be proud to have on your countertop. 

Bags o’ Beans

Koffee Kult 

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Alliteration is a choice marketing tool, especially when paired with sleek, typography-focused packaging that makes me want to join whatever cult (er, kult) they’re a part of. These 100% arabica specialty coffees from Colombia, Guatemala, and Sumatra are sure to perk you up in the morning and make your counter look style-forward. 

Elefante Reserve

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We’re smitten with this limited-edition, rare, whole-bean coffee made from Maragogype Beans that deliver a creamy texture on top of a rich taste. Plus, the packaging is a marvel. Twin Engine comes in a cream and tan bag adorned with royal blue flourishes, and this Certified Organic USDA, Fair Trade, Specialty Grade coffee has an adorable hand-stamped elephant on the front of the packaging, meaning every package looks slightly different but maintains the integrity of the coffee and how beautifully designed it is. 

Instant Coffee? Yes,  Instant Coffee

Little’s Instant Coffee

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Instant coffee gets a bad rep. It conjures images of camping, bitter-taste, and poorly designed boomer-juice. Little’s Instant Coffee seeks to disrupt the idea that instant coffee can’t be delicious and well-designed. The packaging features instant coffee’s classic screw-on lid but gets elevated with a beautifully illustrated logo. Your next quick-cup is going to be this cup. 

Cold Brew Galore

Black Stag Cold Brew

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Cold-brew coffee is quite the commodity these days. Ever since gay men everywhere decided to make it a meme moment that you sip it all goddamn year long (even in the coldest of climates), cold brew has had a year-round moment in the sun. Black Stag Cold Brew is delicious and deliciously designed; minimal in color-scheme, these black and white illustrated cans are perfect for the on-the-go coffee lover and will pack just enough punch to help you power through your day. 

La Columbe

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Single-origin coffee is in right now, and La Columbe has capitalized on the trend with their gorgeous cold brew cans. Third Wave coffee has given rise to people wanting to know where their coffee came from, and whether or not its made sustainably. Typically,  brands create blends from sourcing various types of beans from a few locations. To have a coffee be single-origin screams bougie in the best way, and these light and dark blue cans not only taste delicious, but they’ll look better in your hand walking into work than a tiresome old Starbucks. 

Sandows Cold Brew Coffee 

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Cold-brew has never been this smooth or looked this good. Sandows Cold Brew Coffee looks luxe in this gorgeously-designed glass bottle. This particular brand is sugar and dairy-free, meaning you can fuel your creativity without compromising your health goals. Their convenient ready-to-drink format allows Sandows to spread the coffee culture that you would ordinarily only find in specialist coffee shops.

Coffee Gear

Coffee Filters 

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You might be thinking: coffee filters are not cute! 

Well, you’ve got us there. But you know what is cute? The fact that these coffee filters are 100% home compostable, meaning you can throw both the coffee grinds and these bad boys into your compost pile and be alright. Be energized and sustainable? Now that’s a combo! 

Contigo Autoseal Transit Mug

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Looking for a to-go mug that you can feel good about? Look no further than the BPA-free Contigo AUTOSEAL. 

You'll find BPA in a lot of containers that store food and beverages such as water bottles. This sleek to-go mug has auto-seal tech, and that means no more spills on your favorite dress shirt or blouse. Plus, it will keep your coffee hot for up to five hours. 

Fellow Stagg

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Make pour-overs in style with our new favorite, Fellow Stagg; its modern, minimalistic design looks sleek on any countertop. With a narrow spout for the perfect pour-over, this kettle even has an electric heater underneath, meaning that your morning cup of joe is perfectly heated every time. 

Stainless Steel Straws (For Cold Brew) 

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Okay, we know Cold Brew has made it on the list a few times, but that is because it’s arguably the perfect on-the-go beverage! However, if you’re looking to sip your cold brew in the car, we highly recommend picking up a set of these stainless steel reusable straws. These reusable straws come in a variety of fun colors, and a pouch to help you carry them with you. They’re easy to clean and dishwasher safe, meaning that you’ll be preventing teeth stains and helping the sea turtles out at the same time.