McDonald's in Moscow Gets A Slick New Coffee Cup

by Jessica Deseo on 10/31/2019 | 1 Minute Read

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Almost everyone has purchased coffee from McDonald's. Some people even prefer it to beverages from well-known cafés. However, for some customers, it is more pleasant to post on Instagram with a coffee cup from more expensive coffee shops, although the flavour of that coffee might fall behind. McDonald's has decided to do a rebranding of the current packaging for hot beverages, making it more appealing for the selective coffee-drinking public.

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Branding agency Graphit Moscow has made an emphasis on the beverage itself, bringing coffee to the outer surface of the cup and targeting all human sensory organs. What is it for us - the flavour of McDonald's coffee? Aromatic, soft, while also invigorating, creamy, with light bitterness and rich texture. The agency has chosen to use a deep black colour of strong coffee as a base. To give a person an opportunity to sense the aroma, we used a texture of stains for the branding of the cup. Tactile sensations are transmitted due to the soft-touch technology, the glossy surface transitioning into matte. Now, when purchasing coffee at McDonald's, the client will experience the quintessence of all sensations: taste, visual, and tactile.

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  • Client: McDonald’s
  • National Marketing Director: Tatiana Gura
  • Agency: Graphit Moscow (part of Leo Burnett Group Russia)
  • Senior Art Director: Edgar Kirei
  • 3D Designer: Dmitry Poliansky
  • Group Account Director: Viktoria Semikasheva
  • Location: Moscow, Russia


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