Taco Bell And Xbox Team Up For Another Special Edition Console Giveaway

by Rudy Sanchez on 10/24/2019 | 2 Minute Read

Giving away video game consoles for a promotion is nothing new; console makers such as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft will often release a variant of their console to promote a major video game title or as a tie-in for another brand. Besides being a unique item made in limited quantities, promo consoles are uncommon in other ways, with a wildly different color scheme or even a logo silk-screened into the outer case. 

For the third year in a row, Taco Bell and Xbox, in their latest promo tie-in, have decided to up the ante by bringing back a unique feature from their last giveaway, furnishing winners with access to a new piece of hardware and a double chalupa box’s worth of extras.

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From now until November 23, Taco Bell is giving away the Xbox One X Eclipse Limited Edition bundle. The consoles come in specially designed packaging crafted by Taco Bell’s inhouse team TBD, and they’re giving one away every ten minutes on average, which, honestly, is kind of a lot. I mean, get thee to a Taco Bell. The consoles even play Taco Bell’s signature bong when powered on, a feature unique to the promo consoles.

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The box’s space-like design features the fast-food chain’s logo against a dark background. The intergalactic contrail left by the bell ends in a console standing vertically, with a green under glow, appearing as if it propelled itself forward by ringing itself and colorful space voodoo. As with the console from last year, it’s the perfect mashing together of their respective branding.

And isn’t that what you want, really? That even in the cold depths of outer space where you cannot hear a single thing, the clarion ring of THE bell still reverberates out, loud and true (by the by, we failed all of our science classes, so please don't sic Neil deGrasse Tyson on us).

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Included in the bundle is a similarly packaged Elite Wireless controller series 2, which winners will get their hands on before it goes on sale to the general public. The bundle also includes a six month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership and a console stand.

Giveaway codes are now available with the purchase of Double Chalupa boxes, while online and app orders include a 2-week trial membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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