Featured image for Olivica is an Olive Oil Fit For a Goddess

Olivica is an Olive Oil Fit For a Goddess

by Natalie Mouradian on 10/21/2019 | 2 Minute Read

Croatia-based agency Señor designed the elegant packaging for Olivica, a premium olive oil brand.

"In the area of Vrbica, Lazinica was picking oblica olives and thus Olivica was born… This is how the story of olive oil begins, and we told it - on a label."

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Olive growing is a tradition that is passed on and nurtured by generations in the Lazinica family. In their olive grove near Skradin they carefully select and hand pick olives and then cold-press them into the finest extra virgin olive oil. What’s remarkable is that the oil - due to the immediate vicinity of the olive grove, the production plant and the tasting site - arrives to the table within three hours of harvest. The question was - how to create a premium look & feel but keep the authenticity of family tradition?" 

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Since Ica (the Liburnian goddess of water worshipped for centuries as a vineyard and olive grove protector in this region), Vrbica (where the grove is located), the local sort oblica and the family name Lazinica all share the same ending - ica, the oil was named Olivica. Together with the olives, Ica also served as an inspiration for the label design that was embellished with the only thing fit for a goddess - gold."

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