Anything But Basic Is What K Pizza Is All About

by Jessica Deseo on 10/17/2019 | 2 Minute Read

The average American eats 46 slices of pizza a year. I think I probably eat twice that but let's not count what we do not want to know. With pizza being so popular how do you stand out? K Pizza brings the flair with their saturated color scheme and overall kitsch. 

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K Pizza is a “Pizza al Taglio” concept (variety of pizza baked in rectangular trays, and generally sold in rectangular or square slices). The chef behind the dough is known for being the global lead instructor for the Roman Pizza Academy and longest-standing Italian Pizza Pioneer, Massimiliano Saieva. That’s what makes K Pizza tastier than every pizza out there. Nobody does it like Massimiliano. K Pizza creates the wow factor with every bite while providing a friendly and unforgettable authentic roman service experience.

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This brand is anything but basic. Our team drew inspiration from Fellini films, modern Italian typography, athletic wear, and traveled to Rome to collect graffiti found in the urban streets of neighborhoods like Trestevere and Prati; all with the purpose of delivering a brand voice that is bold, concise, and a fresh pop of vibrancy that the industry needs right now.

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Jastor Takes Rome to Miami: Our design strategy called for a dynamic visual language to connect the uniqueness of K Pizza’s concept while leveraging the recognition already established in the Massimiliano name. We wanted to avoid the typical tropes that often feed unwanted perceptions of the kitschy Italian pizza place.

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