Neenah Announces Premium Hemp Fiber Packaging Papers For Cannabis and CBD Markets

by Rudy Sanchez on 10/10/2019 | 2 Minute Read

Premium paper manufacturer Neenah, to address a growing demand in the market and support designers of CBD and cannabis brands, announced a new line of hemp-based paper folding boards.

The new folding boards combine hemp with post-consumer recycled material that comes available in a Vellum finish and one of three shades:

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PC White Hemp is a bright white made with 80% post-consumer waste and with clearly visible hemp fibers. 

Desert Storm Hemp contains 30% post-consumer waste, described as being “a more earthy and subtle showing” of hemp fibers. 

Deep Black Hemp is a rich, dyed-through board with 30% post-consumer waste that Neenah describes as “perfect for brands that want to use hemp papers without seeing through the fibers.”

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“We’re addressing this market head-on by supporting the designers of Cannabis and CBD brands with hemp-infused packaging papers that align with the visions and values of these products,” said Michelle Turner, Brand Manager for Neenah, in a press release.

Cannabis and CBD are expected to see tremendous growth in the coming years, and by introducing these new hemp boards, they’re providing designers—particularly those in packaging—with some of the first premium hemp papers available on the market.

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Before the prohibition of cannabis, hemp was long used to make durable and premium paper as the plant grows faster than trees, and the fibers are stronger. Hemp paper is also more durable than cotton paper and more economical than animal parchment. 

While hemp paper is of high quality, no, the US Declaration of Independence is not written on hemp, despite your stoner friends’ insistence to the contrary.

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