Pura Still Is Anything But Flat

by Casha Doemland on 01/07/2019 | 2 Minute Read

If you're not a fan of carbonation but still enjoy a refreshing, malt beverage, FIFCO USA, one of the United States' largest beer companies, and Burns Group, a New York-based branding agency, have a new project that is right up your alley.

Introducing Pura Still, a 90-calorie, 1-gram-of-sugar-having beverage that goes where no still water has gone before—the spiked, alcoholic realm.

Unlike most ready-to-drink beverages, Pura Still is not made with spirits or liquor. Instead, the alcohol is made from fermented malted barley extract and natural sugars filtered through their own proprietary filtration technology. Depending on the flavor, a dash of coconut water and a pinch of fruit are added to complete the process.

"We wanted to show that Pura may be still,” said Nicole Lucey, executive creative director of Burns Group, “but it’s the opposite of flat. “

Burns Group created a campaign titled “Anything but Flat” that features what separates Pura Still from the rest of the pack— no bubbles. The integrated campaign highlights the benefits of alcoholic water.

“The Anything But Flat campaign is not just talking about the drink but also about who drinks it,” added Nicole. “With the absence of bubbles, nothing can hold you back.”

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“Simultaneously launching a new category, a new product and a new brand in a cluttered segment is complex,”  said Jennifer McCauley, brand director for North American Breweries. “Burns Group brought great nuance and creativity to the table with ‘Anything but Flat.’”

“This project required us to combine all of the Burns Group’s expertise into one, as we helped Pura Still establish its brand, a campaign and a new category,” said Joanne McKinney, CEO of Burns Group. “By highlighting the brand’s anything-but-flat personality the campaign gets consumers excited about a whole new drink category, and a new way to live well.”

To help spread the word about still alcohol, Pura Still struck a partnership with professional soccer play Carli Llyod, a consumer sweepstake and chance to win a trip to the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France.

Currently, Pura Still is available in three fresh flavors Blackberry, Mango and Mandarin Orange across America, and serves as the go-to drink for individuals who want a refreshing alcoholic beverage sans the excess sugar, calories and intense carbonation.

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