Whether You Love Or Hate Valentine's Day, Polar Seltzer Has a Flavor For You

by Rudy Sanchez on 01/29/2019 | 2 Minute Read

Valentine’s Day is usually marked by sweets and chocolates, lots of them shaped in the form of hearts and Cupid. But what if you or your valentine are avoiding sugary snacks? And what about the single folks? What if you loathe this Hallmark cash grab of a holiday? And how do you tell someone they’re really more of a friend, or worse?

We have questions.

This year, New England's own Polar Seltzer has the lovers and haters covered with two limited release designs and flavors. Both sets of bottles feature a concentric heart and arrow design, but one is red (for the lovers) and one black (for the haters). Each color has a variety of facial expressions, akin to emojis, from smiles to frowns. The back of the bottle sports a variety of messages like “Friendzone” or “You Sparkle” and “I’d rather drink alone,” along with a space to write the sender and recipient’s names.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

The two flavors are “Red Hearts Passionfruit & Lovingpeach” and “Black Hearts Blackburn & Champain,” as journalists from the Boston Globe discovered, and the former has a citrusy tang while the latter has a “robust melon flavor.”

With New England Confectionery CO. (NECCO) going bankrupt last year and the new owners not ready to produce Valentine’s Day staple SweetHearts for 2019, Polar Seltzer’s timing couldn’t be better. Sparkling waters and seltzers have also seen a surge in popularity in recent years, while soda has been on the decline for some time now. Over the last four years, fizzy water has seen over 50% growth, as consumers seek out healthier alternatives to sugary sodas and colas.

Bottles will be available in stores for Valentine’s Day until supplies last.

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