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Personalized Packaging: A New Approach to Consumer Segmentation

by Dieline Author on 01/24/2019 | 3 Minute Read

When we talk about consumer segmentation and targeting, we generally do so through the lens of digital marketing. But with digital printing now making it feasible to produce 100 different designs on 100 different boxes, it’s worth exploring how the tactile world of packaging is embracing new segmentation and targeting strategies.

Thanks to digital printing, customized packaging is shaking up brick-and-mortar retail, e-commerce and B2B. The numbers don’t lie— in 2016,  printing for packaging was valued at an estimated $11 billion. In less than a decade, this figure is projected to explode to a whopping $52 billion. Predicating this trend is the modern consumer who expects branding experiences to be more personalized than ever before.

Think Small: Targeting on the Micro-level

More and more, businesses are employing different packaging strategies for individual products. A bedding company might use different packaging for the same pillow to tap into distinct age demographics. This consumer-segmented approach to packaging can be taken a step further thanks to digital printing. Many forward-thinking brands are going so far as to print individual names directly on the box when a product is ordered.

Today’s businesses are thinking beyond mere geographical segments (i.e., different packaging for different countries) and creating highly personalized, value-added brand experiences with micro-level targeting strategies.

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Tailor-made Packaging for Bespoke Products

Digital printing also lets businesses benefit from a near-endless spectrum of packaging sizes. The technology allows for fulfilling smaller orders at incredibly reasonable rates. Packaging printing companies like Packwire offer mailer-box sizing from 2”x2”x2” to 20”x20”x6” in ¼-inch increments and can accommodate runs of as little as ten units.

More flexible sizing options have proven extremely advantageous for the subscription box industry. It’s a win-win when the packaging is as bespoke as the products themselves. Moreover, digital printing also makes it easy and affordable to print directly inside the box—yet another robust marketing tool that helps subscription box companies, among others, personalize the unboxing experience.

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B2B Marketing: The Account-based Approach

Likewise, B2B leaders are embracing the flexibility of customized packaging. For B2B, account-based marketing (marketing that creates highly personalized campaigns for a micro-segmented clientele) is a powerful strategy to bolster one-on-one relationships with key decision makers. Creating personalized folding boxes, rigid boxes, mailer boxes and even shipping boxes for B2B clients leaves a striking first impression and at the same time demonstrates a willingness to adapt to a client’s evolving needs.

See for Yourself: Design Your Customized Box now!

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Now’s the time to start thinking about how your brand aims to benefit from these new segmentation strategies and packaging tools. Get those creative juices flowing: our user-friendly interface lets you upload your own designs and play around with virtual boxes without having to commit to or sign up for anything. Get started now!

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