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FIX8 Disrupts The World of Kombucha

by Casha Doemland on 01/10/2019 | 3 Minute Read

What started as an ancient Chinese beverage made from a SCOBY, also known as a disc of yeast and bacteria, has grown into a beloved drink around the globe beyond the "hippie liberals" who adapted it and used to homebrew it for fun. Even with major corporations like PepsiCo launching their own batches of kombucha, independent brands like FIX8 are trying to disrupt the scene with their vivid, abstract designs and exceptional flavors.

FIX8 came to be when founder, Freya Twigden experienced kombucha for the first time while living in Shanghai for a year and immediately became obsessed. From there, Twigden traveled to kombucha taprooms around the world from India to Portland, Oregon and Berkley, California.

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It only made sense that the obsession turned into a reality, for which Twigden reached out to B&B Studio to assist with all things branding and packaging as she handled the brewing. So, we chatted it up with Lisa Desforges, strategy direction, to figure out why FIX8 chose to rewrite the traditional branding kombucha is known for and produce something entirely unique.

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What’s the inspiration behind the vivid colors and bold graphics? 

When you look at the Kombucha category, the same design codes appear again and again. Often, they are presented as a modern take on apothecary bottles, using scientific language to explain the complex fermentation process, or borrowed brand language from other beverage categories.

We wanted to create a design that would really capture the kombucha experience and build a brand that would genuinely resonate with the lifestyle of the kombucha consumer. We fixed on the idea of ‘positive addiction’ – a reference to the literal buzz kombucha brings.

From there, our vivid and bold design followed pretty naturally. It’s a reflection of the buzz, FIX8’s intensity of flavors and the visceral obsession of addiction.

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How did you tell the FIX8 brand story through the packaging?

The live cultures and unique taste of kombucha are widely known to result in a ‘buzz’ when consumed, and the identity for FIX8 reflects this with its vibrant color palette. A direct tone of voice combined with graphic, layered imagery is used to evoke an obsessive, addictive feel. With FIX8, we wanted to celebrate Kombucha drinkers’ commitment to the buzz and the compulsive behavior it inspires. FIX8 is a brand for core consumers who are often devoted to their fitness and healthy lifestyle.

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Is it difficult designing for the kombucha sector now that there’s a larger market for the beverage?

When we started exploring the kombucha category, it was clear that it had failed to find a unique design language. Brands were referencing other categories in an attempt to explain kombucha, but only ended up making vague comparisons – it’s a bit like beer, it’s a bit like tea, it’s a bit like medicine. We were determined to create a design that would embody the brand in its own right and genuinely resonate.