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Braus Is Bringing The Personality With Their Beer Labels

by Natalie Mouradian on 09/11/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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ASGARD Branding has developed the brand concept, brand name, label design and packaging for a new beer brand launched by the Alcon company.

The new product is positioned as a traditional craft beer. For the brand name we chose a short dynamic German word, BRAUS: it is part of an idiom which means “to live off the fat of the land”. This sonorous and easy-to-remember word has fuelled our work on the product concept.

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The label is divided into two sections. The top part is always a strip of a glowing colour carrying the logo, which ensures the consistency of the brand identity in the family of different flavours. The bottom part of the label is a graphic illustration corresponding to a specific sort of beer.

Each of the beers within the new product line has its own persona – and this is not just a casual remark to stress that each craft beer has its own soul, but is, literally, a graphic device. For each product, we have selected its own character which reflects its taste visually and emotionally.

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The expressive portraits encompassing the spirit of the product and the bright brand patch are eye-catching. The faces differentiate the flavours, guiding the consumers on the way to their 'personal' beer. BRAUS is a line of classic beer flavours with a strong, warm and charismatic personality. At the same time, the fresh colour scheme and contemporary graphics are certain to help the brand to expand its audience.

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Designed By: ASGARD Branding

Art Director: David Avakyan

Design: David Avakyan, Olga Loseva, Stanislav Virin, Polina Savenkova

Project Manager: Irina Lavrenko

Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

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