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Beauty Brand KEVIN.MURPHY To Make Packaging From 100% Recycled Ocean Plastic

by Rudy Sanchez on 09/25/2018 | 2 Minute Read

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Starting in 2019, Kevin Murphy, the stylist behind hair care brand KEVIN.MURPHY, announced that the beauty brand’s bottles will now be made from 100% recycled ocean plastic. This isn't the only environmentally conscious move by the brand, as KEVIN.MURPHY products use natural surfactants instead of sulfates, is a partner with Green Circle Salons, an organization that provides hairdressers with a way to repurpose beauty salon waste.They also donate a portion of sales to Climate Reality Project Australia, an Australian branch of Al Gore’s climate change leadership program whose mission is to educate the public about the harmful effects of climate change and to work toward solutions at a grassroots level worldwide.

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“This change is for the future of our environment and for us to be truly sustainable," said Murphy in Modern Salon, "to clean up our oceans for the sake of our planet and for future generations.A lot of plastic ends up in the ocean—literally, tons of it. According to one study, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is made up of an estimated 80 million kilograms of plastic and is now twice the size of Texas. The effort to clean up the GPGP is underway, and several companies like KEVIN.MURPHY are looking for ways to use plastics recycled from the ocean to create new products, like sunglasses, jackets, even skateboards.Murphy also says that they’re the first beauty brand to switch over to 100% recycled ocean plastic and they are projected to keep 360 tons of virgin plastic from being made each year.Helping the planet while getting your hair did? That’s a pretty nifty way for the beauty industry to get closer to a sustainable future.

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