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Prata Tonic Comes With an Eye-Catching Typographic Look

by Natalie Mouradian on 08/29/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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OZ Estratégia + Design designed the packaging for Água Prata, a tonic water brand looking to bring style to the market.

Água Prata, a brand of mineral water very well-known in the market, decided to relaunch its tonic water line with a new positioning, moving it away from the category of soft drinks to take advantage of the universe of the drink mixology more and more in fashion nowadays.

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This new positioning called for a total rupture in relation to the previous packaging. The PET bottle has been replaced by glass with a proprietary design, making the product more premium since it is designed to make it more attractive in refined environments such as bars and restaurants.

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Adapting the packaging to this new style of preparation of mixed drinks, the bottle was designed to exactly fit the dose used. The cans also had their capacity reduced to 269ml to meet this need. In the previous capacity, what always happened was people would open a can to use in their drink , and a good part of the content ended up being left over.

The entry of imported competitors also required a strong visual identity. Hence the importance of designing a proprietary bottle. The colors of the category were maintained but the synthetic visual solution, a letter identifying the product on the colored background, gives an iconic character to the packaging. The matte finish of the cans gives sophistication to the product.

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Designed By: OZ Estratégia + Design

Client: Água Prata

Design Director: Giovanni Vannucchi

Senior Graphic Designer: Alexandre Mazini

Client Service Executive: Gabriela Franco

Location: São Paulo, Brazil