This German Beer Comes From Family Tradition

by Natalie Mouradian on 08/15/2018 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Pacoon Hamburg GmbH designed the packaging for Helles vom Bierbuckel, a German brew that comes from a family business that specializes in the tradition of brewing beer.

“Making tradition tangible!This is the motto for the launch of ‘Helles vom Bierbuckel.’A new beer as a tribute to the unique location of the local brewery Leibinger on the Ravensburger Bierbuckel. Founded by Max Leibinger I. in 1894 and since that time managed as a successful family business with a lot of dedication and passion for beer and for the homeland.The ‘Helles vom Bierbuckel’ gets its full character and the complex taste nuances from the particularly long maturing and storage of at least 6-8 weeks.For this trendy product, we have created a clear, summerlike design that extends the Leibinger Core range with an independent range and conveys the light taste of this beer specialty.The reduced colour design on matt uncoated paper imparts naturalness and warmth, the name developed with a clear connection to the brewery's location emphasises the design concept.

The design and the name of ‘The Helles’ are aimed at the young target group of trendy beers.It has been possible to underline the characteristic craftsmanship of the beer visually and strikingly, as well as the Leibinger family's attachment to their homeland.”

Designed By: Pacoon Hamburg GmbHLocation: Germany

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