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This Clever Health Supplement Brand Packaging Comes In The Shape of a Domino

by Natalie Mouradian on 08/02/2018 | 2 Minute Read

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Lesha Limonov designed this clever packaging for white sorbent, a mineral that is designed the help cleanse the body.

“White sorbent extra or white activated charcoal is an oral remedy for the removal of toxins. White coal improves the digestive system, prevents many diseases due to mechanical cleansing of the intestine and general cleansing of the body.”

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"’The Domino principle’To achieve the goal you need to start with small things. The first step will cause a chain reaction of a new one, which then will provoke each other, and so on in a linear sequence, according to the domino principle. The same with our health: it’s enough to start with the first pill.”

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“Packaging comes in the form of dominoes with a pattern 6 | 4. White circles are associated with white tablets, which are embossed to convey a more exact similarity to the original dominoes. The name is made by foil stamping. The number of tablets in the package is the same that on the front side of the pack.There are plans to expand the line in this segment and create ‘Black Activated Carbon’ in the white packaging with black circles on it.”

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Designer: Lesha Limonov/YushkouskiClient: BioterraLocation: Minsk, Belarus