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This Honey Wine Comes With a Simple Yet Striking Look

by Natalie Mouradian on 08/02/2018 | 5 Minute Read

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M?nuka Honey Wine/Liqueur is a fermented delight all the way from the remote regions in New Zealand. Known for its distinctive character and texture, the M?nuka honey wine  broadens out on the palate with the initial impressions dominated by concentrated honey flavours. The finish note on this wine is refreshingly clean, with natural acidity balancing the smooth honey aftertaste. It creates a rich and fulfilling drinking experience.Knowing its origin from New Zealand, the design solution is to not just place emphasis on its origin but also on the main ingredient that makes this wine special - M?nuka Honey. Using a clean and simple visual language with a serif type, it allows the main ingredient of this product to stand out. The chosen font gives the brand a classic approach, preparing for a global release whenever it is ready.

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By enlarging the word M?nuka, it brings the ‘Hero’ forward, loudly stating out the key component of the wine and encompassing the theory ‘The more you understand, the less you require.’ Minimalistic designs tend to lead consumers to guess, to wonder, to engage and subconsciously gain their attention.

Surrounding the point of design by negative space can accentuate and emphasize it. It creates a strong effect with absence and naturally draws the attention to through this engagement.

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There are too many wine products out there, overly crowded with graphical images, hence the solution became obvious by keeping it simple and neat so the message is clear, but also presenting the beverage in a premium perspective.The gift pack is carefully measured and designed for exporting purpose, the materials and fitting are carefully placed in with a good amount of measure, to ensure restraint from breaking/leaking.

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We carefully sourced a manufacturer who supplies unique metallics on paper stock with copper gold foil which is in high trend. By adding embossing features in the printing process, it gives the packaging a unique texture, also a depth and visual impact to the finished product.The design decision of using white space with gold foil was drawn from the experience through the tasting of the products. Describing the finish note of this wine/liqueur as refreshing and crisp, both label is finished in a tone of simplicity yet exclusive to conclude the design.To differentiate the products from others, the M?nuka flower emblem was born to mark its creation. A hand drawn M?nuka flower grown just like nature intended, to convey the exquisite and unique dimensions of these interesting products wine/liqueur, which traditionally has been enjoyed for many thousands of years before us.

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Designed By: KOP Studio

Art Director & Creative Director: Kevin Lam

Designer: Kevin Lam & Jean Wong

Label Printer: Hally Labels

Box Manufacturer: Better Print Solutions

Location: Brisbane, Australia