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nuddy Wants to Make Bar Soap Cool Again

by Natalie Mouradian on 07/31/2018 | 4 Minute Read

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This isn’t your grandmother’s bar soap. Nuddy is the brand aiming to make bar soap cool again, and with cheeky plastic-free packaging, we’re all for it.

“When we met with nuddy founder Kassi, she gave us a challenge to reignite the love affair with soap. This got our attention!

Millennials are being blamed for the demise of bar soap. One of the most common misperceptions is that they are a haven for bacteria and other decidedly unclean stuff, with 60% of soap buyers between the ages of 18-24 saying they are squicked out by the idea of germs on their soap. And apparently, ‘bar soap is for old people.’ Well, we know that is a load of nonsense.”

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“The majority of soaps and body washes on the market are, not only full of rubbish, but also packaged using plastic materials. nuddy is proud to be 100% plastic free and created using only the best ingredients, right here in the UK. Their soap is created using a shea butter base, making it vegan friendly and inclusive to just about every Tom, Francesca + Harriet.” 

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“We really wanted to make soap cool again, so we needed a brand to reflect this, while highlighting the benefit of it being natural soap. Since the name ‘nuddy’ means ‘in the nude’, we knew it had to be a little bit cheeky. We came up with the tagline ‘Pure Soap For Filthy People’ and designed the packaging using tongue-in-cheek puns. Using bright pastel colours to stand out in the market and make people want to pick up soap again.”

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Designed By: Stop.

Creative Director: Ashleigh Godsmark

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