Nature and Science Come Together Within This Herbal Supplement Brand

by Natalie Mouradian on 07/18/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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Harker Herbals is a unique health supplement brand that aims to incorporate the close relationship of nature and science within their range of product offerings. The packaging incorporates a no nonsense approach by utilizing clean typography but also provides eye-catching photography in order to create a design solution that stands out.“Nature meets science."Harker Herbals have created a new generation of powerful, 100% natural plant-based formulations that are targeted to support recovery from illness and maintain wellness.They have been expertly crafted using decisive clinical research and traditional plant medicine know-how. All of the ingredients are sustainably sourced and independently tested for authenticity, providing the very best support for your health.”

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

“This symbiotic relationship of nature and science was the first thing that struck a deep resonance with the Curious team. The philosophy of balance and harmony between two seemingly polar opposite worlds was the catalyst that allowed us to expand a ‘dualism' concept into the brand strategy and packaging.Modernity blends seamlessly with tradition. Functionality meets form. Efficacy fuses with heart and soul.”

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

“This potent territory has been expertly realised into a visual language for the Harker Herbals Be well range.Beautiful photographic images of key ingredients are linked to a human hand, emphasizing not only the consumer’s connection to nature with these unique products, but also reflecting the care and crafting that Harker Herbals have invested into them. This evocative imagery has then been complemented with a soft, muted colour palette, allowing each variant to have its own designated identification colour to assist the consumer at point of purchase.Strong, understated typography and iconography has then been thoughtfully positioned across all of the primary pack facings. The simple black sans serif font stands informatively on a clean, white background creating a scientific counterpoint to the elements of nature. Selected gold foil blocked wording has also been introduced to highlight key information and add premium quality cues.”

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“The final critical detail is the choice of stock. An uncoated, pure white Splendorgel was selected from a range of options to give freshness and a soft, hand crafted texture.Once the pack is opened, the consumer discovers the traditional amber bottle that exudes authenticity and clarity of message. The pared back colour palette of screen printed white and gold foil block in combination with the signature typography ensures continuity across the whole packaging experience.The team at Harkers were an absolute dream to work with throughout the entire design process, creating an exemplary model of client and agency partnership. Each open to new ideas and challenges in the pursuit of excellence.Harker Herbals and Curious, creating a new generation of wellness products for a new generation of consumers.”

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Designed By: Curious Design

Designer: Monique Robins

Retouching: Curtis Walker

Photography: Nick T & Content & Co.

Printer: McCollum's Print

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

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