Featured image for Coffee & Tea Lovers rejoice! SOMA’s bringing you the ultimate coffee on the go

Coffee & Tea Lovers rejoice! SOMA’s bringing you the ultimate coffee on the go

by Dieline Author on 07/17/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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Not sure if you've heard but it's #plasticfreejuly. We here at The Dieline are big on reducing our single-use plastic and with SOMA's new pour over coffee and tea bottle it's making things easier. The packaging holds zero plastic and brings SOMA's classic beautiful design seen on their water filtration systems into a traveling mug. 

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Soma, the company best known for forward-thinking and sustainable water filtration, announces the release of its first coffee and tea product, the Brew Bottle, debuting Today Tuesday, July 17th.   Winner of this year’s Specialty Coffee Association’s Best New Product award for consumer coffee or tea preparation and serving equipment (non-electrical), the Soma Brew Bottle was developed to make expert brewing easy. Featuring a cutting-edge vessel design, the reusable bottle provides coffee and tea drinkers with a portable and convenient way to enjoy high-quality, single-serve coffee and tea at home, in the office, or on the go. 

Modern and sustainably designed, the 12 oz. Brew Bottle is made of BPA-free, double-wall borosilicate glass to maintain the precise temperature for hot and cold beverages. Inside the bottle, Soma’s patent-pending, stainless steel filter can sit in two positions, allowing for both pour over and immersion brewing. Unlike paper filters, the stainless steel mesh keeps out all sediment while allowing natural aromatics to flow through for balanced taste. The uniquely designed cylinder structure keeps grounds immersed throughout the brewing process, allowing for more extraction and avoiding leftover “high and dry” grounds around the perimeter. The bottle’s flip top Tritan™ lid provides for the perfect flow rate, and all parts are dishwasher safe.

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Soma collaborated with Brian W. Jones, designer, brand consultant and founder of the acclaimed craft coffee blog Dear Coffee, I Love You, to create the product’s sleek packaging. 

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A game-changer for daily routines, the Soma Brew Bottle offers versatile options brewed straight in the bottle for pour over, cold brew and tea. Simply add one’s favorite ground coffee beans or loose leaf tea to the built-in filter, and fill with hot water. For cold brew, combine coffee grounds with water directly in the Brew Bottle, and place the vessel in the fridge overnight. Iced tea is also easy; just refrigerate the bottle after brewing tea inside.

Soma’s Brew Bottle is a natural extension of the brand and its commitment to provide socially and environmentally responsible products with seamless function and design. An innovator in the water filtration industry, Soma is proud to be among a select group of certified B-corporations that focus on social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. The company works to reduce its global impact by offsetting emissions with conservation-based forestry, creating green products and partnering with supply chain companies that meet the brand’s rigorous code of conduct. Believing that clean drinking water is a basic human right, Soma is a proud sponsor of charity: water and partners with them in their mission to bring safe drinking water to those without access. 

Starting Today July 17, Soma’s Brew Bottle will be available for purchase online for $40, as well as at select retailers and coffee shops.