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Stay "Cool" This Summer With This Special Cold Brew

by Natalie Mouradian on 07/25/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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Studio More worked closely with the founder of Manchester-based coffee company Cool Cold Brew to create their Brand Future, allowing exponential growth. 

The Idea:

In many respects, Cool Cold Brew (CCB) is a niche coffee brand with a differentiated high quality product. The brand has big ambitions to pitch to major supermarkets, taking a niche product to a wider mainstream audience.Our challenge was to help the mass market understand and accept the concept of the brand. We wanted the brand to focus on its unique brewing method and its natural flavour. The coffee is brewed by hand for over 16 hours in freshly filtered water, which brings out the natural sweet flavour and full body taste that comes only with the cold brewing method.Our focus was to build the entire brand experience rooted in one core idea - Unleashing the flavour.

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The Name:The name is another aid to introduce the new brand to the mass market, and we were keen to focus on a name that was simple and straightforward for people to remember. Following the core idea of Unleashing the Flavour, the name needed to emphasise the product and production method. Therefore, Cool Cold Brew was selected.Cool Cold Brew as a name communicates clearly the product and its point of difference. Also allowing the brand to move into other markets if they wanted while owning the Cold Brewing process.

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The Brand Experiences:We created an ownable brand experience for CCB that is centered around the core idea. We focused the design on demonstrating the brewing process and the natural flavour. This is further emphasised throughout every touchpoint including their digital experience as well as broader communication material.Each product is unified by using the standout and sleek brandmark, yet differentiated by clear colour codes to create an ownable and fresh brand style.The Brand Future Formula:Cold Brewing + Iconic Brand Design= A New Category Leader.

The Future:The new identity has fully unleashed CCB ‘s potential. Within three days after launching their crowdfunding campaign, CCB has received the full amount, and within 4 weeks, the campaign was over-invested by 65%. With the funds, Cool Cold Brew is now in full production and currently stocked in Amazon, SPAR and Eat17, and the brand is in discussion with some major supermarkets.

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Designed By: Studio More

Creative Director: Dan Wilson 

Managing Partner: Nikita Yan

Location: London, United Kingdom