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Lagunitas Is Making The LaCroix of Sparkling Cannabis-Infused Beverages

by Rudy Sanchez on 06/28/2018 | 1 Minute Read

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As US states and countries like Canada legalize marijuana, companies are looking to offer everyone cannabis-infused products and alternatives to classic forms of toking like edibles and drinkables are entering the market in a big way.Lagunitas, already having gone through their “experimentation phase,” will release a sparkling water that is sure to give both lifelong stoners and casual partakers a tasty, refreshing buzz. Having already created a terpene-infused beer, Supercritical, their latest foray is a non-alcoholic, zero-calorie sparkling water infused with hops, CBD, THC, or both is called Hi-Fi Hops.Just like Supercritical, this is a collaboration with AbsoluteXtracts, a company that brings kind buds and cannabis knowledge to the table.  Having joined forces with Lagunitas and their successful track record in creating critically-acclaimed hoppy brews, they've produced a bubbly drink that delivers a mild dose in the form of an IPA-inspired sparkling water.Every 12oz can has no more than 10mg of marijuana-infused goodness, with drinks featuring CBD and THC, or the “purple” version featuring just THC. THC is the compound in cannabis that creates a mild-altering buzz, while CBD is a non-psychoactive component that is thought to reduce stress, pain and inflammation.

Since hops are a close cousin to cannabis, and Lagunitas is based in the heart of California’s cannabis cultivation center, it’s no surprise they see marijuana-based products as an extension of the Lagunitas brand.“The idea of being a part of a no-calorie beverage infused with cannabis seemed like a perfect next step in our product innovation and a natural way to marry our past with our future,” says Maria Stipp, CEO of Lagunitas brewing.HiFi Hops sparkling water will be available in California dispensaries by the end of July 2018.