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Moroccanoil Celebrates 10 Years of Haircare With This Special Edition Packaging

by Natalie Mouradian on 07/02/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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Moroccanoil products have been a stalwart of the hair salon for a decade, wowing stylists and beauty aficionados around the world with their ability to tame and nourish the most damaged of manes.

This year, the brand – which uses argan oil as a base for its hair and skincare products – is celebrating 10 years in the industry. To commemorate the occasion, a gorgeous limited edition bottle for the iconic Moroccanoil Treatment has been created in collaboration with Swarovski. Bedecked in hundreds of turquoise crystals colour-matched to the Moroccanoil branding, this bottle also comes housed in packaging courtesy of MW.

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This special pack consists of a rigid board box wrapped in pearlescent paper printed with that striking Moroccanoil blue. The front features blind debossed and hot stamped gold foil lettering, and opens outwards like a book. Inside, the bottle rests in a removable housing fitment topped with an illustrated platform that easily lifts upwards to allow access. A die-cut window in this platform frames the bottle and creates a sense of depth and distance. Opposite, the Moroccanoil story has been printed in white ink and gold foil.

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The interior design was inspired by Moroccanoil’s Mediterranean influences. Both the covering flap and inner fitment display clouds in an idyllic blue sky; the flap also depicts a stretch of rippling red sand giving the visual effect that the bottle has been half-buried in a sun-baked desert dune. For the perfect finishing touch, CMYK transparent printing on pearlescent paper was used to give the sand a shimmering finish.

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Designed By: Moroccanoil Design Team

Designer: Adina Greenhaus

Manufacturer: MW Luxury

Location: USA