We Love This Adorable Penguin Packaging for Sweet Habit's Low Fat Ice Cream

by Natalie Mouradian on 05/22/2018 | 3 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Sterling Brands designed this adorable ice cream packaging for Sweet Habit, a brand that aims to be a healthy alternative to a notoriously decadent sweet treat.

“Sweet Habit is a new entrant into the low calorie, high protein ice cream category. Our challenge was twofold: to disrupt an already disruptive category and to go from concept to shelf in six months. To accomplish the first task, we created a design that was iconic, playful, and something we could imbue with wit and personality. The design also had to clearly communicate calories and nutritional information to compete in the category while still being clean and iconic. Knowing it would sit on the bottom of the freezer case due to its larger quart size forced us to make sure the top of the lid worked just as hard as the primary display panel.”

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

“To bring the concept to life quickly we crafted design, positioning and brand voice simultaneously. We worked lose and iteratively with our client to make quick decisions and involved our strategy team at every stage to create the tone of voice for the brand. Avoiding a ‘big reveal’ approach to the design process helped us move more quickly and function as a team. It also helped us quickly identify what was working and devote or creative energy to those ideas and designs.

The immersive design process also helped us as we moved into the next phase of the project, designing the web site and crafting the social media design and strategy. Animations and tone of voice made Sweet Habit come to life as a brand and not just a piece of packaging.”

Editorial photograph

Designed By: Sterling BrandsChief Creative Officer: Philippe BeckerCreative Director: Butler LooneyDesign Director: Lia GordonLocation: San Francisco, California

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