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RYGR Brygghús Pays Tribute To Viking History With Its Shield-Inspired Design

by Natalie Mouradian on 05/22/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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This Norwegian beer utilizes color and geometry in order to pay tribute to Viking history and its role in the production of rye. The main graphic was inspired by shields used throughout time in order to represent the various regions and products of Norway.

“RYGR Brygghús is a new local brewery by Norske Bryggerier (Norwegian Breweries) and is part of the company’s strategy to establish local breweries along the Norwegian coastline. RYGR is the original Norse name for the western region of Norway, Rogaland. RYGENE is the old name of the inhabitants from this region and suggests that they were growing rye. Rogaland is known for its rich Viking history, particularly the famous and great naval battle fought in Hafrsfjord around year 872 which led to the unification of Norway.”

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“When looking for a distinct and recognizable design for the brewery and the different types of beer, we wanted to base the design concept on the proud Viking saga and their excellent craftsmanship and their rich trading culture – sailing vast distances to far away civilizations.”

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“Using shields for the main design, we created a system of endless possibilities, embracing any new type of beer using both patterns and colors in combinations which allows us to make numerous and distinct series with a clear difference between the beer types. The product names are from the region named from the viking era. Hafr is Hafrsfjord. Jædr is the original name for the beautiful place Jæren, and Haugr is their name for the town Haugesund on the west coast. The logo is developed from a viking axe to focus on the craftsmanship and the brewery is also located in Øksenevad (øks=axe) in Kvernland Næringspark.”

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Designed By: Frank KommunikasjonPhotography: Tommy Andresen, Roman Jøe (Lysebotn) & Geir Solem LysbakkenModel: David McInnes.Location: Oslo, Norway