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Check Out This Adorable Conceptual Cannabis Branding and Packaging

by Natalie Mouradian on 06/12/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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Dana Van Etten designed the branding and packaging for Hush, a conceptual cannabis brand. The design overall and illustration style evokes a sense of softness and femininity, making for a unique approach to cannabis packaging.

“Hush is a conceptual brand that sells medicinal cannabis chocolates. It was developed for an experimental typography class, the project titled Translations. 

The project began when I was given a poem in a language I could not understand. Inspired by the shapes and forms of the Arabic typography I created many drawings, some of which were landscapes. My poem was eventually revealed to me in English and it is titled ‘Lullaby’ by Tuvia Rivner. The poem evokes lush forest imagery and themes of calming fears and anxieties.”

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“We were encouraged to apply our process drawings to the world of graphic design anyway that we saw fit. I felt as though the natural calming, and often sleep inducing, effects of THC connected with ‘Lullaby’ on many levels.”

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“I began to create the logotype for hush based on forest imagery I had developed throughout my translation process. The illustrations on the packaging are also inspired by my early visual translations of the poem. I wanted the packaging to speak feminine luxury while still showcasing the natural side of the product through the color palette and raw illustration style.

I developed a system to differentiate the flavors and the THC potency across the three chocolate bars. The darker the shade of green, the more potent the THC and the higher the calming effect. The darkening also refers back to the theme of lullaby.”

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“The bars come inside a pink slipcase, with soft typography. Along with the bars, there is also a booklet that tells the bedtime story of Hush and features the poem by Tuvia Rivner.”

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Designed By: Dana Van Etten

Location: San Francisco, CA