Featured image for Vivid is An E-Liquid Brand That Wants To Appeal to All Genders

Vivid is An E-Liquid Brand That Wants To Appeal to All Genders

by Natalie Mouradian on 06/05/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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Hart & Jones have redesigned the packaging for Vivid, Philip Morris’ e-liquid brand as part of the complete relaunch of the UK’s number two vaping brand. Vivid now has two ranges, Original and Advance, each with associated devices. The vaping market in the UK is worth an estimated £1bn.

Simon Jones, Managing Director at Hart & Jones, explained the market analysis that drove the design approach.

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“The market for e-liquids is growing well strongly but the category is getting more complex, while much of the look of the products targets men – consciously or unconsciously. Our brief was to give the brand a strong and impactful look and to ensure a broad appeal to male and female vapers”

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Chris Hart, Creative Director at Hart & Jones, commented on the new look for Vivid:

“We felt strongly the brand name itself should be our inspiration. The new look is bright, simple and modern but above all it has the iconic confidence that befits one of the most important brands in the category”

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Designed By: Hart & JonesCreative Partner: Chris Hart Co-founder: Simon Jones Designers: Dane Winterson, Robyn Birchall Client: Philip MorrisLocation: Bath, UK