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This Wine Stands Out With Its Stunning Black and Gold Label

by Natalie Mouradian on 06/04/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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With an elegant color palette consisting of black and gold, this wine takes the cake with its sophisticated look. Agence-S & Saguez designed the stunning packaging for winery Calmel & Joseph’s new offering.

“The Maison de négoce Calmel & Joseph has been founded in 1995. It’s a historical client for Agence-S & saguez. Twenty years after their first wines, Laurent Calmel and Jerôme Joseph aquired a domain in the Languedoc-Roussillon area, near Carcassone. The place was then characterized by the love of good authentic products, showing the way of the creators’ philosophy, which is to offer a qualitative range of wines, olives, olive oils and honeys, in agreement with nature and traditions.”

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“Recently, Calmel & Joseph launched a new ‘cuvée rare’, the Madone 2016, bringing up again their standards of wine. It’s the result of two years of work including the selection of parcels and the wine-making process. 4,214 bottles have been produced, so according to the very rare features of the cuvée, the design of the packaging had to reflect the quality of the product, its uniqueness, and the story of men surrounding this brand.”

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“The initial idea of Calmel & Joseph was to create a wine representing their know-how. The codes of the label had to highlight the upsell of the range of products but also need to  underline the meticulousness and the authentic value of the work. This is why the Agence-S & Saguez decided to relate the wine-making process of the domain, in order to convey the values of the brand on the label of the new ‘cuvée rare.’ The agency chose to guide the brand toward a premium and authentic territory, showing its respect of traditions through the work and the relation between the Earth, the animals and the men.”

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Designed By: Agence-S & SaguezLocation; Paris, France