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Bacardí's New Range of Premium Rums Come With a Sophisticated Look

by Natalie Mouradian on 06/04/2018 | 4 Minute Read

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With well-known spirit brand Bacardí releasing a new line of premium aged rums, they needed a look to match the high-end quality of their product. That's where Here Design came in, stepping up to work with the brand in order to create this elegant and sophisticated packaging for their new range of offerings.

"The story continues. Having already reconnected Bacardí with the richness and authenticity of their extraordinary history, we were invited to help them unreservedly share their reserves – the darker, older rums aged with time and care for premium cocktails and sipping. Our big idea – liberate the integrity at the heart of the family’s story."

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"Drawing on their 156 years of experience and craftsmanship, Bacardí is still a family-owned company delivering the finest quality rums for a wide range of occasions and taste experiences. Combining their illustrious history with their new superior quality rums, they found themselves in a unique position.

Marking the arrival of some astonishing older superior rums – carefully crafted through time and attention – Bacardí invited us to continue their story of liberation with a new range of premium rums. With an abundance of history at our disposal we went back to the archives to take inspiration from past labels, advertisements and brand paraphernalia for our new premium bottles.

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"Focusing on authentic marks of quality, assurance and age, the end results were three new authentic expressions – the four-year-old Añejo (a shorter, wider bottle incorporating embossings, the Bacardí bat on the reverse and a description of the ageing process) and the eight-and-ten year old Reservas (shorter bottles still, with strong shoulders, a wide base and subtle references to Cuban cigars). Each bottle elevates the rum experience with accessible premium cues, deepening rum into sipping territory, whilst maintaining expressive integrity and authenticity rooted in the company’s history and rum’s passionate origins."

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Designed By: Here Design

Client: Bacardí

Location: London, UK