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10 pt is a Sustainable Approach To T-Shirt packaging

by Natalie Mouradian on 05/07/2018 | 2 Minute Read

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Antonina Kozlova and Kanokpon Yokchoo created the packaging and branding for 10 pt, a brand of t-shirts with environmentally friendly packaging.

“We have created a concept of tubes, made of paper. The t-shirts are rolled and stored inside them. This shape takes up less space compared to the standard boxes and requires less material.”

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“Each paper tube is made like a spiral. When it is reassembled, on the inside one can find a measure tape. The caps of the tube then become a case for the measure tape. This way almost nothing is thrown out and the packaging becomes a product in itself.

“The materials are 100% recycled: paper for the body of the tube and molded pulp for the caps. The t-shirts are made of organic cotton.”

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“The caps have stickers with a barcode on them for identification of the products while shipping. The other cap contains info on the t-shirt for the customer: material, size, country of production, etc. As our t-shirts will be ordered from a website, the customer will find information on the reuse possibilities of the packaging online. The branding consists of bright colours and illustrations made by hand to create a fun and friendly user experience.”

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Designers: Antonina Kozlova and Kanokpon Yokchoo

Location: Germany