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These Products For Thrive Market Baby Have a Friendly Look

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/25/2018 | 2 Minute Read

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Thrive Market were tasked with designing for a new segment for their brand - a line of baby products that included 6 different diaper sizes and a package of diaper wipes.

The task was to come up with something playful, vibrant, and not gender specific, and yet somehow live with the rest of our Thrive Market brand. We decided on an illustration-heavy design. Creating a wild-animal theme for the diapers,and an undersea theme for the diaper wipes.

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For the diapers, we opted to show the bare kraft paper material of the diaper box to communicate a natural feeling since the diapers are free of harsh chemicals and materials. We adapted this design to different box sizes. In addition to the outer box, we designed the diaper loop (waistband), which were the same wild animal illustrations from the outer box, but applied fills to the animal illustrations in muted colors. We also extended the illustrations to the bags that the diapers are bundled in to help communicate the diaper size if the consumer were to unpack the diaper bundles and throw the box away.

For the diaper wipes, we came up with an undersea scene in the same illustration style as the diapers and with muted colors in the same hues as those applied to the diaper loop. The product details are communicated effectively in a playful typeface. Again, the colors and the theme were chosen to be fun and not-gender specific.

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Designed By: Thrive MarketDesigner: Semira ChadorchiLocation: United States of America