A Traditional Japanese Beverage Gets a Youthful Retro-Inspired Look

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/26/2018 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

MARU designed this adorable packaging for a well-known black vinegar drink in Japan. In order to reach a younger demographic, the packaging utilizes flat-style illustrations that serve as recipes on how to best enjoy the beverage. The style and typography incorporated on the labels also make for a nice retro feeling that allows the drink to stand out on the shelves.

“HONEY GINGER BLACK VINEGAR DRINK is a black vinegar produced by the most well-known vinegar maker in Japan. Although black vinegar has health benefits such as exhaustion recovery and reducing visceral fat, younger generations are not so familiar with these effects.”

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

“I designed the packaging mainly with recipes on how to drink the product. Aside from mixing the black vinegar with water or club soda, these recipe labels allow to discover a unique way of enjoying the drink such as mixing it with milk. A label is picked randomly among 3 different labels, in which way you get to encounter a new distinct recipe each time you buy. It can be a good trigger to let you think ‘how do I want to drink it today?’ My design is to raise awareness of black vinegar and promote the idea of daily consumption in order to make it become an item that is a part of your life.”

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designer: MARUArt Director: Koichi SugiyamaDesigner: Minako EndoClient: Mizkan Holdings Co., Ltd.Location: Japan

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