Simply Cook is a Recipe Service Kit With a Bold Look

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/19/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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Subscription-based recipe kit service Simply Cook has unveiled a new range of in-store recipe kits with a unique design created in collaboration by B&B studio and Path.

Launching in Sainsbury’s stores across the UK this month, the range of six kits delivers powerful flavours from around the world, with recipes including Goan Fish Curry and Penne Alla Rustica.

Positioned for people who enjoy the act of cooking but not the planning, the Simply Cook recipe kits offer a quick and easy solution to the everyday decision of what to have for dinner.

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Vibrant designs catch consumers’ attention as they enter the store. Each stage of the user experience has been considered in the design, from positioning the disruptive stands in the fresh food aisles to sit alongside key ingredients, through multi-layered packaging that unfolds like a recipe book, to a fun, functional and visionary design that enhances the cooking experience.

Each kit includes three flavour pots and a step-by-step recipe but no fresh ingredients, enabling the consumer to select their own produce as they make their way through the store, following the on-pack shopping list.

Building on a previous relationship with Simply Cook, B&B studio evolved the brand’s existing positioning and identity, moving away from an over-reliance on reassurance through messaging towards a more engaging experience that focuses on the joy of cooking.

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The design challenge was to bring that experience to life through packaging. Path’s structural solution stands upright and confident, delivering shelf impact and a post-purchase experience that takes consumers on a journey of discovery. The bespoke cardboard structure features a 5th panel, allowing Simply Cook to communicate all aspects of its unique offer.

The pack is open on the top and bottom to remove any perception of over-packaging while also allowing consumers to see the flavour pots – an important consideration in introducing Simply Cook to a new retail audience.

B&B studio applied bright hues and simple graphics across the design to express the pleasure of cooking. A pared-back design with vivid photography takes users on a visual step-by-step journey from raw, scattered ingredients, through the cooking process, to a delicious completed meal. The front of pack is kept simple, focusing on the powerful flavours within.

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"Oli Ashness, Simply Cook Founder, says: 'Over the past few years our online subscription service has gone from strength to strength and the time had come for us to branch out into the retail environment. These powerful recipe kits pack a real punch, but in a crowded marketplace, we needed a strong visual identity to differentiate from the competition. 

'B&B and Path have worked brilliantly together to deliver a unique proposition for our in-store recipe kits, with packs that engage our customers from the moment they set foot in the store till they’re at home making quick and easy meals that are high quality and absolutely delicious.'” 

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Designed By: B&B studio and PathLocation: UK

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