Featured image for The Dieline Awards 2018 - Personal Care: Method Men Body Wash

The Dieline Awards 2018 - Personal Care: Method Men Body Wash

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/30/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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We Give Good Clean.

In 2017 method developed a naturally derived line of body washes specifically geared toward the method man. Considering the growing global male grooming market, we focused on providing a solution for men feeling the pressure of a fast-paced lifestyle, and identified an opportunity to help men simplify their mornings and reconnect with nature in their everyday routines. With the shower being a place multiple wellness trends converge and male consumers are generally underserved, we realized we had an opportunity to compliment our new line of experiential body washes (geared toward a predominantly female market) launching at the same time. By combining method’s minimalist design sense, nature-inspired fragrances, personality + clean-rinsing formula, we’re positioned to deliver a premium offering that appeals to the modern man.

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Our no nonsense, naturally derived body wash lets you clean up and get on with your day. The quick-lathering, clean-rinsing formula delivers a fresh, uncomplicated clean. A simplified, muted hunter green color palette cues nature, while a straightforward, pared-back design focuses attention on the genuine, outdoorsy scents:

• the herbaceous essence of juniper + sage

• the woody scent of cedar + cypress

• and the watery fragrance of sea + surf

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Our unique fragrance offerings stand out with straightforward names screen printed in a contrasting color against the neutral, monochromatic background. The minimal, focused messaging provides a more mature + sophisticated aesthetic, extending the brand into more premium territory. The enhanced bottle design incorporates the comforting feel of soft-touch tactility for a subtle nod to self-care in the shower. Getting clean has never been so easy.

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Company: method products, pbcDesigners: Mia Croft, Sean McGreevyPhotogapher: Annabelle BreakeyPrinter: Amcor Rigid PlasticsManufacturer: people against dirtyProduction Artist: Stephen SecheCopywriter: Maria WakemLocation: San Francisco, CA