The Dieline Awards 2018 - Confectionery, Snacks, & Desserts: Cacao 70

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/30/2018 | 4 Minute Read

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Chocolate has the universal power to fulfill our need to escape. We wanted to tie the unique characteristics of our product to the motivation of our market, and in studying our client data, we found that the core of our target audience consists of young students and families – both segments looking for experiences that will take them somewhere else.

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Cooking shows, travel magazines, and going to the movies are inexpensive ways of plunging into other worlds. This information helped us develop the experience of the Cacao 70 brand. In redesigning the brand, we wanted to link the consumer’s experience to a feeling of being carried away, either to a memory, or to another place or time: what is key is the desire to escape from daily life for a few minutes. This led us to create the “State of Chocolate” as another world, based on illustrations that are also found on the products. The resulting visual identity, embodied in brief stories associated with each of the bars, is fantastic, playful, and accessible.

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From a marketing perspective, chocolate consists of three categories: chocolate for the general public (this is the low end of the range), midrange chocolate, and more sophisticated and refined choices, which of course sell for a higher price. We took the opportunity to create a niche between two categories – our goal was to make the “bean-to-bar” chocolate market more democratic, and provide an enjoyable and accessible in-store consumer experience. Cacao70 provides an affordable, high-quality bean-to-bar experience, and instead of focusing exclusively on the origin of the ingredients and the flavour notes associated with them, we have linked the taste of excellent chocolate to the feeling of being carried away on a journey.

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Agency: In Good CompanyArt Directors: Janie Chartier & Véronique LafortuneDesigners: Cécile Desrochers-Godin, Frédérique GravierIllustrator: Thaïla KhampoPhotographer: Xavier Girard Lachaîne et Félix RenaudClient: Cacao 70Strategy: Marissa De MiguelCopywriting: Crystal BéliveauWeb: DynamoLocation: Canada

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