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This Colorful Beer Packaging Can Be Your One Way Ticket To Ride

by Natalie Mouradian on 05/23/2018 | 4 Minute Read

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British craft beer brand TicketyBrew has unveiled a refreshed identity with design by multi-disciplinary studio Carter Wong. Having worked with TicketyBrew since its inception in 2013, Carter Wong has helped refine the brand’s structure and visual identity following the rapid expansion of the product range.

Having launched with a core range of three beers, TicketyBrew has since expanded with a wide array of complex and experimental flavour profiles, including Blueberry & Ginger IPA, Peach Iced Tea and Salted Caramel & Coffee.

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Restoring impact and structure

Having quickly expanded to include more than 35 flavours the brand had begun to suffer from a series of tweaks to its overarching visual identity. To restore impact Carter Wong refocused TicketyBrew’s messaging, stripping the brand back to a simplified identity with a more contemporary look and feel.

The range was then segmented to provide structure, splitting the portfolio into a Core Range of 11 beers and a Limited Editions range of approximately 26 more unusual flavours.

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Stripped back design

Carter Wong retained the original colour palette for the Core Range but reduced the volume of written content on the wraparound label for a cleaner feel. Each flavour within the Core Range now has a number to help distinguish between the products, with a stamp design to celebrate where the beer is made and touches of bright colours to appeal to the latest trends.

Across the Limited Editions range, a patterned background in vibrant tones creates standout to differentiate from the Core Range, with four patterns on rotation and colourways chosen based on the individual flavours.

Where the Core Range shows a stamp of origin in a contrasting hue, the Limited Editions have the year the flavour was introduced. With new flavour profiles released every 4-6 weeks, a newly-introduced digital print approach enables TicketyBrew to amend and print new versions quickly and easily.

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Engaging a more informed consumer

Sarah Turner, Managing Director, Carter Wong, says: “Since the launch of TicketyBrew in 2013, the craft beer market has grown considerably and as a result, the average consumer is more knowledgeable about their options. Once fit for purpose, the TicketyBrew brand had begun to lose impact as the craft beer category became more competitive.

“We retained the core brand identity with its wrap-around labels and perforated tickets with hidden glass shape but refined the core messaging for an evolved marketplace. The updated design sets the brand apart in an increasingly crowded sector, with added flexibility to introduce new flavour profiles as it continues to grow.”

Keri Barton, Managing Director, TicketyBrew, says: “From day one Carter Wong captured the essence of TicketyBrew with a playful identity that stands out on the bar and shelf. This powerful brand has enabled us to grow rapidly over the past few years but as our flavour range began to expand, so the brand had to work even harder.

“For us it made perfect sense to return to Carter Wong when the brand needed updating. They have refined and refocused our identity and delivered an adaptable toolkit of commanding brand assets to support our continued expansion.”

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Designed By: Carter Wong

Location: UK