The Dieline Awards 2018 Outstanding Achievements: Looye

by Natalie Mouradian on 05/07/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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Brief:How do you market tomatoes when all tomatoes basically look the same and only vary in size and price? You build Europe’s first tomato brand! Looye Kwekers took this bold step with but one aim: to become the most loved and well-known tomato grower in Germany and the Benelux.

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Solutions:The key to success was communicating on taste and establishing an emotional connection with the consumers through design. In short, we needed to build a brand on taste experience. The new corporate identity of Looye Kwekers was used as an umbrella brand: an endorser of the tomato brand Honey Tomato.

Looye’s Honey Tomatoes are a true taste seduction. Their unique honey taste, the explosion of sweetness after the first bite and the intricate and long-lasting aftertaste, characterize this tomato. The pattern in the Honey Tomato design symbolizes the taste that flows through your mouth after that first explosive bite. The black color adds class and stylishness to the design and makes it look like the premium brand it is. 

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Honey Tomato Ketchup is an incredibly tasty ketchup, made without the use of added sugar. The ketchup is made from cracked Honey tomatoes, which would otherwise be thrown out. It would be a waste not to use them, which is why Looye developed Honey Tomato Ketchup.

This has led to an all-natural ketchup that comes in a stylish packaging. The pattern used in the design is a playful interpretation of the pattern used in the design of the Honey Tomato packaging. The swirly design symbolizes the taste that swirls through your mouth. Looye launched the Honey tomato ketchup with great success through specialist greengrocer’s shops in April 2017. 

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Impact:The work we put in is already starting to pay off. So far we’ve seen more qualitative distribution at the greengrocer channel in all countries, double digit sales and Looye Kwekers is on the verge of expanding distribution into the bigger and growing supermarket channel in Germany and the Benelux.

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Agency: BrandnewArt Director: Hans RietveldDesigners: Imre de Jongh, Guusje CarisPhotographer: TwentyTen, AmsterdamClient: Looye KwekersLocation: Netherlands

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