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The Dieline Awards 2018 Outstanding Achievements: Biossance

by Natalie Mouradian on 05/07/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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It’s not often that you see beauty packaging inspired by a story that literally changed the world.From inside their Berkeley labs, the scientific minds that created Biossance developed patented technology that created an accessible cure for malaria. Today, over 120 million royalty-free treatments have been successfully given thanks to this technology.

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Inspired to continue using biotechnology to make a positive impact, they turned to skincare and the products people put on their skin everyday.Squalane is the mega-moisturizing molecule that your skin naturally produces. But the more skin ages, the less it makes—and the more you see the dehydrating effects. Unfortunately, the only way to source squalane was to harvest it from the livers of sharks or produce a low quality version using olives.Biossance pioneered a sustainable way to create 100% plant-based squalane oil using biotechnology. Every drop is derived from sugarcane, a naturally renewable resource. Non-toxic and weightlessly hydrating, squalane is biology’s best moisturizer.

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When we branded Biossance, we put the focus on squalane—the leading ingredient found in all of Biossance’s products—and emphasized its importance in the packaging design.We developed the packaging to follow the brand's “No Compromise” approach to the environmental impact and the product experience. The outer cartons are tree free—made of 100% sugarcane fiber. The debossed pattern adds texture and is a subtle reference to the special pinpointing process used in the lab to develop squalane of the highest possible quality and purity. The box structure is a two-part design that opens to reveal messaging about Biossance’s brand story. 

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The primary packaging features a mix of dark green recyclable plastic and glass bottles that protect the formula from exposure to light. They are shaped to be easily gripped without slipping, with improved pumps that dispense the product to perfection.Since the relaunch debuted at Sephora, it quickly become a top seller—the #1 eye product and #3 face oil within a matter of weeks. Sephora called the Biossance launch “unprecedented". And Biossance saw over 600% retail sales growth in 2017.Customer, adored. Mother Earth, approved. Creativity, accomplished.

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Agency: Bartlett BrandsArt Directors: Lauren Golik, Rebecca BartlettDesigner: Carolina PistonePhotographer: Hudson CuneoClient: BiossanceCopywriter: Kimberly BrizzolaraLocation: San Francisco, CA

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