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A-dam Underwear Comes With Some Seriously Cheeky Packaging

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/26/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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FLEX/design was responsible for designing this humorous yet clean packaging for cheeky Dutch brand A-dam Underwear.

“Underwear is highly underappreciated, while the right pair of undies can make your day! The young Dutch brand A-dam Underwear strives to make the best ever made: hand crafted, premium quality men’s underwear, with a perfect fit and made of certified organic cotton only. This new ‘tongue-in-cheek’ packaging design by FLEX/design reflects and reinforces A-dam’s brand identity: stylish, modest and responsible outside, but with a brave, naughty and humorous spirit inside.

Pulling the eye-catching red tab seems to be a sheer functional operation at first, but it appears to be a rather mischievous act once the boxer short has been removed from the tray: an unexpected piece of art will be unveiled. The inside of the tray serves as a canvas: on a regular basis A-dam will invite graphic artists to create new surprising artwork to keep future purchases fresh and exciting. Of course there should always be a link with the signature red tab.”

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“Next to delivering this key creative conceptual spark the designers of FLEX/design managed to solve a number of practical issues on the structural side of the pack. The large window in the white box offers consumers clear focus on the product’s most important discriminator: the pattern design. The red tab allows more demanding shoppers to slide out a little drawer to check fabric, waistband and size: a must have in this category. An ingenious die cut folding board construction prevents the tray from being pulled out too far, so the pack can always be closed again easily, without damage. This is of course crucial to keep everything nice and tidy in stores at all times. Moreover, while sliding, a small round window at the back reveals the boxers unique selling points one by one: Organic Cotton, Flat Stitching, Nothing Itchy, Strong Waistband. A clever rotating metal hook outperforms many known hanging solutions in premium look & feel, without compromising logistic efficiency. On top of all these quality improvements, the team members (client and agency together) have realized a considerable cost reduction compared to this pack’s predecessor.”

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“A-dam Underwear is an upcoming men’s underwear brand from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. A’dam is a commonly used abbreviation of Amsterdam and of course Adam was the world’s first inhabitant in need of underwear, hence the brand name and the fig leaf logo. The little X on top of the fig leaf refers to the 3 Saint Andrew’s crosses that are part of the coat of arms of Amsterdam. Communication design for the new packaging was created by A-dam’s in-house creative team.

A-dam Underwear likes to do things differently and better. ‘If you’ve got balls,’ it says provocatively on the pack’s tray. All itchy details and annoying seams have been removed or improved. Only certified organic cotton is being used. The boxers are being made manually by people that earn fair wages for regular working hours. The new packaging received very positive feedback from retailers and enabled A-dam to develop a larger distribution channel. A-dam’s products are now available in more than 100 shops in 6 countries and online.”

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Designed By: FLEX/designIllustrator: Karel D. KammeijerPhotography: Joop van Roy (Morning Road Photography)Location: Netherlands