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This Unique Cider Packaging Pays Tribute To Western Norway

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/12/2018 | 4 Minute Read

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Norwegian agency Creuna designed this unique packaging for Voss Fellesbryggeri, a local craft brewery with a new range of cider offerings. The design is intriguing in that it incorporates a variety of elements that normally wouldn’t seem to work well together, but the end result is a striking design that stands out from other ciders within the market.

“L/L Voss Fellesbryggeri came to us for assistance in developing the identity for a new cider brand in the Norwegian grocery stores (i.e. ciders with a maximum of 4.7% alcohol). The new cider should stand out as an alternative to the dominating standard kind, based on apple wine, sold in 0.5 l cans.”

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“The new cider series is dry and fresh, not based on apple wine, but made from scratch with only local Norwegian ingredients, with no added sugar. The fresh and natural ingredients, the product's local heritage should be reflected in the concept. The 0.33 l can size is a strategic choice for making the product stand out in the shelves from the 0,5l cans. Not only is it different, but it also adds a more exclusive feel that should attract a wider range of customers.

The characteristic ‘Voss feeling’ should also come across. This is a well-established trait of the brewery's visual identity and tone of voice, which is playful, informal and expresses craftmanship and the local traditions of their hometown Voss, Western Norway.”

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

“We helped them with the naming of the cider series and a visual and verbal concept. The name Fjellsider (translates both as Mountain cider and Mountainsides) was suiting in many ways. The ingredients come from Western Norway, where the scenery is known for its many fjords and mountains. A large part of the project was research - finding a way to express Voss and Western Norway.”

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"’Unmistakable Voss tradition’ may stand as a guiding principle for the visual development. We used acetone printing as a transfer technique for making photo collages that look worn and weathered - in fresh but natural, fruity colours. For the typography we chose a stamp-like look with a ‘no nonsense’ monoline expression. The artwork depicts landscapes from Western Norway, with elements related to the particular flavour of the cider in question, as well as the origin of the ingredients included. And there is always a sheep integrated in the landscapes, either paragliding above the landscape or standing on top of a caravan (Voss is known for its extreme sport culture). The local Voss sheep is part of the brewery's identity and vocabulary. One of their slogans says something about their brewing tradition going way back - in the typical dry, understated Voss humour. It translates as ‘Voss citizens have brewed beer since right after the first sheep was born.’ By using local landscapes and wording, Fjellsider automatically gets many proud local ambassadors. Fjellsider will soon expand the series with a new flavour, which will have a new landscape portrayed.”

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“A note about the production: The design is printed on transparent labels with a white background colour outlining the landscape in the illustrations. This makes it subtly stand out against the colour of the can, which is very light gray (one layer of white print on the aluminum surface). The reason for using labels is that the brewery needed flexibility when it comes to the number of cans for each flavour, and it also gives a more handmade and local look and feel.”

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Designed By: CreunaDesigners: Kristina Nyjordet, Stein ØvreIllustrators: Kristina Nyjordet, Stein ØvreCopywriters: Olav Nausthaug, Arne Hjeltnes and Rune MidttunConsultant: Line MevassvikProject manager: Gunilla Ditlef-JohansenClient: L/L Voss FellesbryggeriManufacturer: Ball/Rexam, Arendals BryggeriPrinters: Skipnes, Ball/RexamLocation: Norway

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