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Continue To Conquer Cooking With The Joule Big Clamp

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/16/2018 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

As a follow up to their successful product the Joule Sous Vide, ChefSteps have come out with the Joule Big Clamp, a product tailored to help make the sous vide experience even better.

“Joule Big Clamp, a new accessory for Joule Sous Vide, allows users to cook in large containers with up to 10 gallons of water. This small accessory unlocks maximum sous vide power and opens the door—or cooler—to exciting new possibilities for home chefs.”

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

“The packaging experience is designed to feel cohesive with the branding we had established with Joule Sous Vide in 2016, while also expressing the convenience and performance of the product. Our design heuristics of simplicity, recyclability, and delight continue to be foundations for the Joule Big Clamp packaging. Clean line art is supported by clear typography, while playful copy brings a smattering of charm to the minimal aesthetic. Clamshell housing presents Joule Big Clamp as simultaneously precious and accessible. Because this product is intended for sale in the US and Canada, both English and French are presented in a way that allows each to exist without colliding visually. The Joule Big Clamp packaging is inviting, offers an optimistic sensibility, and concisely communicates the product's purpose.”

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed By: ChefStepsArt Director: Emmett BartonDesigners: Emmett Barton, Cameron JueIllustrators: Cameron Jue, Emmett BartonOther: Jessica VoelkerLocation: Seattle, Washington

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