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These Wines Honor The Spirit of the Pacific Northwest With Their Packaging

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/10/2018 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

This packaging for Cedar+Salmon wine celebrates the spirit and beauty of the Pacific Northwest. 3 Badge Beverage Corporation designed the labels to transport the consumer to a time and place while maintaining an elegant feeling at the same time.

“Capturing the region’s authenticity and allure, Cedar+Salmon wines honor the unique spirit of the Pacific Northwest and give cause for celebration. Known for an abundance of natural resources, a harmonious relationship has long existed between the land and its people. Carefully cultivated farms and vineyards grown in mineral rich soils produce wines that exude the essence of the region’s diverse environment. Balanced and versatile, these food-friendly wines deliver bright fruit flavors with a well-rounded finish.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

“Each varietal features an abstract image of an element found in the Pacific Northwest. The idea was to zoom in so close to the element that it takes a moment to realize what you're looking at. The imagery has a sculpted emboss giving it depth, texture and life.

The layout and typography gives the label a modern and minimal look. The combination of the high-contrast imagery and minimal design are intended to intrigue the consumer and compel them to pick up the bottle, turn it to see the rest of the image and feel the texture of the elements.”

Editorial photograph

Designed By: 3 Badge Beverage CorporationArt Director & Designer: Kristen BoelenIllustrators: Erik SöderbergLocation: Sonoma, California

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