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AB InBev Has Some Sustainability Goals They Want to Crush by 2025

by Casha Doemland on 03/21/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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This week, Anheuser-Busch (AB InBev) announced its list of 2025 sustainability goals, one of which is the 100+ Sustainability Accelerator program.Together with the help of scientists and entrepreneurs around the world, this program strives to solve over 100 environmental and social challenges over the next seven years. Additionally, ZX Ventures will provide an extra assist by running a 10-week boot camp across 9 markets worldwide. After that, the most promising entrepreneurs will partake in a 10-week program in New York City where they will ultimately present their ideas to a panel of sustainability loving billionaires with the hopes of making their proposals a reality.All in all, the environmental and social objectives are set to focus on smart agriculture, water stewardship, circular packaging and climate action in hopes to create a positive impact on the communities they operate within.

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According to a press release by AB InBev, they'd like, "100% of their direct farmers to be skilled, connected and financially empowered, 100% of the communities in high-stress areas to have measurably improved water availability and equality, 100% of products to be packaged that is returnable or made from majority recycled content and to use 100% renewable sources while having 25% reduction in CO2 emissions."AB InBev has already begun this journey with Budweiser in the United States and promises to have every bottle made with 100% renewable energy by the spring. They’ve also rolled out a brand new logo featuring the outline of a battery and the words “renewable electricity” built into the frame with a big, bold 100% smack dab in the middle which will be out soon.

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To take things one step further, AB InBev is also looking change the glass bottle game by dropping the weight of bottles from 185 grams to a 150 grams, all while maintaining their iconic shapes. To bring this to fruition, they’re enlisting some of the best glass tech minds in the world. “If we solve it for us, we solve it for anyone with a glass bottle,” stated Tony Milikin, InBev’s chief sustainability and procurement officer in an interview with Fast Company.These ambitious pledges follow the success of achieving the remaining environmental goals AB InBev set out for themselves back in 2012.Some of those milestones include the reduction of water risks by 100% for the 5,000 farmers in 15 countries around the world, a 100,000-ton decline in packaging materials and a 10% decrease in global greenhouse gas emissions.AB InBev has made it clear that they take sustainability seriously. By striving to complete this laundry list of goals by 2025, they're instilling hope in humanity and making the world a better place by creating innovative technology that will single-handedly transform the world of packaging as we know it.

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