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We Love These Special Edition Pepsi Cans Created For 2018's Chinese New Year

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/19/2018 | 4 Minute Read

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We’re living for these adorable and striking special edition Pepsi cans created specifically for 2018’s Chinese New Year.

The 2018 Pepsi China Chinese New Year Limited Edition Cans honor the spirit of the Chinese New Year combined with the Pepsi spirit and attitude of "Live for Now". 

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The 2018 Chinese New Year traditional zodiac sign, the dog, was redesigned with a minimalistic and iconic approach; solid colors in a frame of lines defining the breed and it's personality traits. This hand crafted illustration is impactful and resonates emotionally with consumers. It's unique execution, coupled with its limited availability as a collection only on Ecommerce platforms, made the Pepsi China CNY Limited Edition Cans a much desired item during this Chinese New Year's festivities.

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The PepsiCo Malaysia Chinese New Year Limited Edition Cans celebrate the spirit of the Chinese New Year through a series of 4 compositions designed to resonate emotionally with consumers during one of the most traditional festivities of the year.

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The creative direction leverages fluid and rigid shapes and forms to visually represent the many traditional and iconic symbols particular to this event. Hidden in the beautiful decorative patterns are plum blossom, fish, lanterns, firecrackers and many many others, engaging consumers in discovering symbol after symbol, while telling the entire story behind the design.

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These pop art illustrations visual impact, unique execution coupled with the limited availability, made the Malaysia Pepsi & 7UP CNY Limited Edition series, one of the most desired Chinese New Year themed packaging.

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Designed By: PepsiCo Design & Innovation