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Growing Roots Supports Your Snack Addiction & Urban Farming

by Casha Doemland on 03/19/2018 | 2 Minute Read

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Two years ago, Unilever launched Growing Roots as a commitment to support urban farming throughout the United States.To those unfamiliar with urban farming, simply envision a garden smack dab in the middle of a densely populated city. By having this space, it allows the community to grow produce which not only promotes healthy eating habits but also makes the fresh ingredients easily accessible.With its company-wide focus on sustainable living, Unilever is well known for their comprehensive portfolio of values-driven brands like Seventh Generation and their environmentally-friendly household cleaners sold in recyclable packaging. Together with the help of Green City Force and New York City's Building Healthy Communities Initiative, they transformed six underprivileged neighborhoods with the installation of urban farms. Each farm supplies the community with the delicious healthy and fresh ingredients it deserves—yum. To sweeten the pot, Unilever even worked with local chefs and community-based programs to help individuals channel their inner Emeril Lagasse and spice up their ingredients with a BAM.The impact it had on the community lead to the development of Growing Roots Foods, a new line of organic and gluten-free goods. It’s a snack that not only tastes good but does good too.

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The flavors are the perfect combination of bold and organic ingredients like pineapple coconut rum bites and cocoa chipotle clusters. Best of all, 50% of the profits are donated to support urban farming.Growing Roots has formed multiple partnerships since its inception. They have worked with Whole Kids Foundation, an organization that has granted more than $8.5 million in school gardens in Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago. Additionally, they've teamed up and Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture to train teachers and students in the art of farming, cooking and composting as well as Green City Force to build an urban farm in Harlem.All in all, Unilever’s latest do-gooder brand Growing Roots is poised to make the world a better place. And quite possibly, a tastier one as well.

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