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Orinoco Celebrates Its South American Roots With Vibrant Packaging

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/02/2018 | 2 Minute Read

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Orinoco Coffee & Tea, a specialty roaster and supplier serving Maryland, D.C., New York, and Virginia, has unveiled a new packaging design that pays tribute to the company's rich South American heritage.

Named for one of South America’s longest rivers, Orinoco’s legacy began back in 1909 with patriarch Leonardo Alarcon, whose intense passion for selecting the finest coffee beans gave rise to a business that is now four generations strong.

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Like the striking South American folk art that inspired it, Orinoco’s new packaging serves as an outward expression of the quality of their products. Three colorful variations of the bold, geometric design will accompany Orinoco’s most popular coffees:

Regular Caffeinated Coffee Bags – Forest greens and royal blues conjure memories of the South American coast and welcome coffee-lovers to the rich, vibrant flavors inside.

Decaffeinated Coffee Bags – Complimentary fuchsia and yellow hues play host to those who prefer a non-caffeinated blend that maintains a distinct edge.

Organic Fair Trade Coffee Bags – A predominantly purple and olive pattern evokes both harmony and ambition, ideals that environmentally-conscious organic farming aims to achieve.

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Creative Direction: IMPACT Marketing & Public Relations

Design: Tracie Smit

Client: Orinoco Coffee & Tea

Location: Baltimore, MD