Featured image for Sonos Playbase Comes With a Special Opening Ceremony

Sonos Playbase Comes With a Special Opening Ceremony

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/02/2018 | 4 Minute Read

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Sonos is known for creating some of best speakers around, so it is only fitting that their packaging reflects a vibe that reinforces the high-end quality of their products, with a special opening ceremony to boot.

“For Sonos Playbase, we wanted to extend our premium packaging portfolio and create a unique experience that would fit seamlessly into the customer journey between the point of purchase and first pressing play.”

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“Our ultimate goal was to make sure owners could enjoy the product as quickly as possible, but we also wanted to build anticipation in the unboxing experience so they feel as if they’re opening a gift.

We present the product in a simple yet unconventional way, unobstructed and with a ‘grill up’ orientation. This showcases the beauty of the product while indicating to the customer that they are receiving something special.”

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“The clip design: We’ve invented a patented clip system to engage the unconventional box-with-lid-and-tray design and changed it to white to match our updated visual design system. We conducted extensive user research to fine-tune and validate our solution. Our clip provides an auditory cue that indicates when it’s locked. We also modeled the clips to have a similar motion to what you would see on a smart phone with a gestural ‘swipe.’”

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“The box: We focused on presenting Playbase without any obstruction for a dramatic reveal. We eliminated exposed corrugate seams in traditional areas with the intent of guiding customers to our clop system. Determining how we could manufacture this box for mass production was no small feat for our engineering team.

The cushions: After multiple rounds of prototyping and transit testing, we determined that the best and most attractive cushioning system for Playbase would be an injection-molded EPP foam in black. These cushions are friction- or channel-locked into the corrugate for transit, but they’re easy to disassemble for recycling.

Each part of the package has been carefully considered in support of the entire opening experience, but ultimately it allows you to listen to your Sonos as soon as possible.”

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Designed By: Sonos, Inc.Art Directors: Sonos Art Department, Hype Type StudiosDesigners: Johnny Cardenas, Michelle Enright, Matthew Chung, Paul Hutchison, Jeremiah EtchisonProduct: Peter DicksonPackaging: Mark SerrLocation: USA